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Blackbird Singing In The Dead of Night

with it's brilliance, took away my sight

23 May 1905
Hello to all :)

A few lines about me eh?,.. hmm Well here goes!…

I am French, that’s one thing. Acadienne à presque cent pour cent. I’ve grown up in an English environment though so even if I can sing all the classic Disney movie songs in French, you still couldn’t tell if you heard me speaking English. Which can be fun in public places hehe… I also would LOVE to learn Russian one of those days. Just because.

I’m quite honest, especialy if you can take it. I have a good head on my shoulders and I tend to edge towards quirkiness when you know me (whistling, humming, bright yellow rubber rain boots and so on). Personally, I think it makes a nice contrast with my love of tattoos (first one in JUNE! Still a tat virgin right now), piercings (I’ve had a total of 13? over the years) and many things punk. Gotta love diversity. I am very accepting and open to different ways of thought, as I find them stimulating. I figure you can only have so many conversations with people who think just like you until it gets to a point where you want to gouge your own eyes out with a wooden spatula :).

I danced ballet for a bit over 10 years, which I still consider to be my melancholy. I have always been artistically inclined and have been drawing, painting and creating with whatever I could get my hands on ever since I can remember. However I’m kind of bad for showing people my finished projects, because I tend to give away my best pieces to whoever really wants them. Getting better at documenting.

What else should one know about me..? I’m not a gossiper (though I do enjoy a good rant) and I hold secrets well. I’m an optimistic cynic. Yes, it IS possible, go check out Jean-Paul Sartre haha! I’m quite independent and confident while still being aware that I’m a total looser. However I figure that as all the most awesome people I know can snuggly fit into that mould as well, it must not be a bad thing, only a humbling bit of info. :) And f*ck knows we all need to be humbled from time to time… some more than others lol.

I expect my journal to be a random recollection of whatever the hell passes through my mind at the moment, or anything singularily interesting that has lately happened to me. So basicaly this is a free for all! Lol. Either way i hope you enjoy and if not, then just clic away to another blog, cuz I'm not changing.

Anywho that’s it for now, cya suckers later! XO ;P