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TAZER!... zap:)

 Excitement Excitement Excitement!! :D:D There’s so much stuff I can’t wait for to happen, and I’m going to savor every single event. Here’s what’s on my list of, as basement chick puts it, “FANTASTIC!” :P



Getting my tattoo finished

Going to Moncton to meet new ppl/party/eat out

Going to Montreal to see Radio Head

Going to Montreal again by train

D. Manie staying at my house (for Canada Day too… Whooo Loooves FiReWooorKs?!? …X) I DO!)

Being a hair model for the Halifax competition

Art School in September

Tattoo Apprenticeship..?


Uuhhh yeah I can’t focus right now… COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!! Laterz! XD

A Coffee Soaked Pea Rolls On My Carpet...


So it’s been awhile since my last post hasn’t it? Let me see… what new is going on…? Let’s pull a Becka here :P


#of times I moaned and groaned while getting tattooed: How many intervals of 10 seconds in two hours?

#of bathing suits I’ve tried and haven’t bought: About 20

#of awesome co-workers leaving this weekL: 2

#of inappropriate bite marks left on unsuspecting victims: 1

#of extra shifts at my second job this week if everything goes well: 0! Zero, nada, zilch! YAAAAYZ!


            As you can tell from the above, I got a tattoo! :D It was my first one and it’s right about huge and intricate and at a really painful spot for a first tattoo. I got it done by Shaun at White Lotus, and he did a great job at dealing with my stomach convulsions. Oh poor guy. Seriously, I was trying really hard not to twitch but you try getting a bit over an hour of lining on your ribcage as your first tattoo (and then to keep going with shading for another hour). We joked that I should have spelled out “ambitious” instead of my “veritas”, which means truth in Latin. Despite the pain, which to me can only be described as a vibrating scalpel being thrust and grinded against my ribs—“Only feels like a cat scratch on a sunburn” anyone? Uuuh wtf no!—, I can’t wait until my next appointment to get it finished!! The response from my older co-workers (which is everybody, I am the youngling of the crazy bunch) was pretty positive too. My favorite was from Jill who kindof tucked her head back into her neck and said “It’s nice if you like that kind of thing.” with a grimace and a smile haha. And I do Jill, and I do! J


            Today at lunch I just found out two of the only people I can relate to are going away, one Wednesday and one Thursday. SadnessL. Both of whom I could talk to about cats and political/social matters and my hatred of Tupperware. We’re going to try and have lunch sometime before they leave, which will have to be tomorrow probably. It’s so sad, now my only lunchroom conversation options will be “What are you having for super?”, “How’s your divorce from hell going?” and “My boy’s teachers are idiots.”, the later of which tends to have the highest odds of being interesting enough that I don’t want to pierce my own uvula. Yes, they will be missed for sure, but they are on to higher levels of, well… paychecks.


            Ok so I should probably explain that bite mark comment, as I acknowledge that it is quite the eye brow raiser. God, W. is going to kill me if she finds out! Ok so I was watching A. play guitar hero (usually very entertaining as he get REALLY into it) and we were talking about life and whatnot, self improvement mixed in with dirty jokes. The usual. I wasn’t having a great evening and was talking about a few crappy things and was getting bummed out. The great friend—I emphasize, FRIEND—he is, he started trying to cheer me up saying stupid stuff to make me laugh. And it worked. But it didn’t fix it and the shit all hit me again. This time he really took action and started throwing stuff at me (don’t ask me where the logic lies in this approach at counseling haha), to which I retaliated, which escaladed to him tackling me? Lol I don’t know how it got there, I think he might of said something really stupid and then I hit him and that’s how it started haha. But anyways I ended up being picked up and flipped upside down with nothing to do except… well, to bite! So buddy has a nice huge bite mark on his side now. You can see individual teeth marks and everything, and I think you can ever tell they were done by someone who was upside-down. To top it off there’s a huge redish-purpleish bruise right in the middle of the teeth mark. Haha uuhm oops! I think we both got carried away. God W. is soo gonna kill me if she finds out I did it. I wonder what he’ll say if she sees it. Man that thing’s going to be on him for awhile, of course she’s gonna see it! Haha well I guess I’m the lucky one, I’m not automatically in shit, he pretty much is. I guess I’ll just let the drama lamas drool and hide the napkinsJ.


            I now feel the need to accomplish something great and deep and meaningful. Okay not really but I still hafta go. Toodles!

And the whoopie cushion farts.*

All too often, be it at a party, while cooking cupcakes or on the streets, have I had conversations that turned sour at the topic of "today's youth". These always seem to become manipulated into very one-sided, repetitive discussion. Feel free to rebuttal my rant with your own.


Point 1: Most of the people with whom I have had these discussions have not been any older than 26 (Myself much included. Oh dear, I'm REALLY not 26..). This is relevant because more often then not, the tone becomes quite hautain and detached while talking about "young people these days". How old are we again? Sure, we are no longer teenagers in the midst of an angsty hormone sprout, but I’m pretty sure that we all still fit within the common “youth” definition.  It was only a couple of years ago people.


Point 2: Every new generation, the general consensus (or anyway the generally voiced consensus) coming from the previous generations seems to be that we are going downhill. Elvis came along and the devil was within us. Oh god make his legs stop shaking because us young girls just can’t take it anymore. In the sixties/seventies there was quite obviously the hippie movement. Okay, they were all for peace and love (how dare they?) but they are all on drugs. Downhill. Then came the eighties. Enough said for that era, you can probably take it from here.  We are “worst” than our parents, as our parents were “worst” than theirs. Big whoop. “Today’s generation” isn’t taking it that much further than we did, no matter how melancholic you want to be about your adolescence.


Point 3: The newest generations often portray a stronger image of what the previous generations have been fighting for. In other words, we’re getting there, or at least getting closer to it, and what do we do? We complain about it. Baby boomer woman wanted sexual liberation, and long before that did we all want equality.  Sure, we aren’t quite there yet, but look at where we’ve come from already. All actions have positive and negative consequences. To get to a higher level of liberation, we had to slacken the borders, and change people’s pre-conceived notions on what is acceptable and not. What remains as we push further is people being more and more accepting, not only of the “good” things, but of the “bad” things too.  All this is not a new phenomenon. All throughout history has the liberal, frivolous elastic band been stretched and relaxed, to be eventually snapped back at times of utter excess.


So that was my rant. I just love a good rantJ.

Until next time,

                Passionately yours with twinkies.


P.S. I am VERY liberal (mentally, not necessarily politicaly) so don't take that last line as a bash, it's just a statement. I even enjoy being frivolous from time to time but that's another story...

-Assholes are like daisies, they tend to spring out of their graves on sunny days.
-Where are my pants? OMG there's someone in here!!
-(A. describing how the kitten was pulling a string out of the carpet..) Grow you stupid thing! More! More!! MOOORE!
 (me).....thats what she said :-)
 (A. throwing something at me cuz he just got OWNED)
-(BIG ROARING wtf machine on the side of the road) It's the carbon monoxyde machine. David Suzuki IS in town, so it just sits there and drives him up the church walls with his head spinning like in the exorcist. (SERIOUSLY, YOU HAFTA SEE THIS MACHINE!)

..to be continued

May-Babies Are Hot

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKA!! I know it's not today but I won't have internet access during the weekend. I still don't know where the bleep is my "radio transmitor button"... (my theory is that someone FoRgOt to put one on my computer... which might be probable if they weren't made by computers...) I know so many people with May birthdays, including myself. May-Babies are awsome, there's just a twinkle about us don't you think Becka? haha Have a great one! ;P 


I really wish i was a papier-mâché strip right now. I want to be torn away from my big page of newspaper, I think it would feel just like being pulled towards opposite ends by your extremities. A nice HUGE stretch. Then bathed in that ooey-gooey tub of mildly cold water-flour cocktail, drinking it up, soaking it up. Oh the good life. Just before I'd get pruny I'd be scooped up and squeegeed off, like a hound shaking off the excess water after a good paddle around. Mmmm! I might then be stuck to a pinata, or a mask, or just some random child's glop. Either way what's ever been done in papier-mâché that wasn't at least remotely interesting? ...Wow. Seriously I don't know why I think about these things... maybe it's that I'm really thirsty right now. Yeah that might have something to do with it... :) Neways cheers! Beem me up Scotty.


Wow, five minutes left on my schedule and i finally feel like writing something. I guess I'm not learning something new about myself by realizing I'm a last minute kindof gal. Flaw... that some find charming? haha I'll keep wishing. Its also about time that I USED my LJ account. Well one of them at least. the first one got lost in the oblivion of time and the second got set up in spanish. Damn you Smellen! "but that means that you'll have to learn spanish! Besides, you can understand spanish right?" haha Lesson learned that spanish IS NOT all that increadibly close to french. Or at least different enough to have about 5 equaly wrong guesses about the meaning of a word lol. Anyways 5 mins are up, I'll give a more positive and complete blog introduction next time. Toodles! :-)